We believe the organizational setting behind the 2016 European Championships is unique, when consisting of four local cycling clubs joining forces. Of course this comes with great support from the Swedish National Cycling Federation and the Municipally of Jönköping.

The four clubs; Hallby SOK, La Lepre Stanca, Jönköping CK and IKHP, worked as an alliance organizing the National Mountainbike Championships in 2014. It became obvious that this was a great solution, using the strengths of each club and their member’s know-how. After a successful championship a sparkle was lit to take another step and go for an even greater event. That spark went into an application for 2016 European Championship which now lies ahead.

A great amount of hours is already spent in this project, and many more is to come, we will do it with a smile on our faces. We welcome you to Sweden 2016, we hope to exceed expectations and bring mountainbike to an even larger audience!

The short introduction
IKHP: This is the most experienced club when it comes to mountainbike out of the four. The venue for this Championship is their home track, also the place for the nationals in 2007. Swedish national Emil Lindgren has been competing for the club as well as the present Swedish team captain Anders Ljungberg. The club has several very promising young riders and the club is a driving force in developing the future of Swedish mountainbike.

La Lepre Stanca: Said to be the ”sado-social” cycling club. Created as late as 2013 having a relaxed way and low entry barrier for, mainly, new road cyclists. Will, as they one of the clubs key ingredients is digital content, be responsible for all communications and media. Does events as Rahpa12hills and focus on social cycling.

Jönköping CK: Been around since 1924. Road cycling is their main focus and members include riders as Swedish national Tobias Ludvigsson. Although of course more important to mention is that Alexandra Engen rides for JCK. The club organizes the first national road cycling race each year and finish of the mountainbike season with a race at the Vista Track in October. Vista MTB Race is said to be the oldest mountainbike race in Sweden.

Hallby SOK: Takes care of one of the regions best mountainbike tracks, used in 2014 national championships. Focusing on new mountainbikers in all ages they are hosting weekly training sessions with over 120 participants. The Race Director, Göran Berg represents Hallby and wil, together with JCK, take care of everything regarding the races during the championship.

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