Allez le blue French showed no mercy in U23 Men XCO

Sunday started with a cruelsom display of the two French Victor Koretzky and Titouan Carod at the European Mountainbike Championships in Huskvarna, Sweden.

Out on the first lap the French dynamic duo Victor Koretsky and Titouan Carod had already made clear that it was upp to them to decide over who would win the gold medal. Czech Jan Vastl and the Dane Sebastian Carstensen tried to follow. In the first climb they made life difficult for their opponents by stretching the field with Marcel Guerrini trailing in 3rd.

The French kept showing superpowers and Carod even mad a minor crash during second lap. Still with Marcel Guerrini in a comfortable 3rd place and German Ben Zweihoff in forth. Behind him a group of riders including Dane Simon Andreassen fighting for 5th.

Out on the last lap the French still teamed up for the lead with 1 minute 44 sec to Guerrini in 3rd more than a minute gap down to Zweihoff in 4th. Andreassen still fighting in a group of four to race for 5th place.

In the last climb up the ski slope Koretsky showed that he was the man of the day distancing Carod with almost 30 seconds as he wheelied over the finish line Guerrini in 3rd and Zweihoff in 4th. Behind them a group of 4 riders still in fight for 5th. Simon Andreassen showed that he was world champion as junior rider 2015 for a reason and beat Dutch Milan Vader to the finish.

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