Venue Map and Parking

Below you find a map of the Venue as well as set places of interest for visitors as well as preferred spectator areas. (Information till besökare på svenska).

Information about how to get to the venue in the best ways is found further down on this page.

Parking is possible at the arena, parking is 50 SEK. Klevaliden (on of the roads leading to Venue is closed for all traffic except walking/cycling).

By car signs show the way from exit nr 100, from the E4, Huskvarna. Please find areas of parkering on map below. A walk uphill from Huskvarna Centrum is a perfect warm up. Walking (consider parking spots further away from venue), using your bike, taking the bus are of course a possible the days of large interest.

Also please respect signs and security guards around the course. Do not pass/walk on course/track at any time and use only guarded walking path. Electric motorcycles will be used in front of race.


Foremost, and local visitors to start with, consider taking your bike, walking or use local buses or perhaps being let of by somebody when visiting. Map with information below!

Note that road ”Norra Klevaliden” will be totally closed for any traffic only used for security. But walking/biking allowed. This is the closest way from pakring down town Huskvarna or at Norrängen to reach the Euromtb venue.

By bike 

Unattended spots by parking to secure your bike at a 15x15m fence. Remember do bring a lock and also if leaving bike on car make sure it is secured.

Local bus

Bus 33 takes you from Huskvarna Centrum (Esplanden) to Egnahem – from there it is a marked walkring path. From Jönköping City to Huskvarna use bus 1 (red). Also bus 101 takes you from  Jönköping ”Cigarren” to ”Norrängen” where you could walk uphill to the venue.

Bus drop off

Planned bus trips stops and let visitors off at  Smedstorpsgatan 58, 561 35 Huskvarna. Bus parking is then located at:
Kruthusgatan 4, 561 34 Huskvarna.
Stensholmsvägen, 561 39 Huskvarna.

Pick up of driver, call 0760-581397.

Parking at Venue/Huskvarnaberget

Parking at gras/farmland. Parking open 08-20.
Fee: 50SEK/per vehicle/day. (car+caravan: 100krSEK/day)

Pay preferably to Swish-nr: 1233930344 with as message. Cash payment possible.

No tents/camping awnings allowed in parking.


To spread out parking and have good logistics also when leaving veneu parking could be done in Huskvarna; Centrum, Norrängen or Egnahem areas. See map. Walk uphill by Klevaliden (from Norrängen and Huskvarna Centrum) or follow marked path from Egnahem area.

Handicap parking available at Venue. No media/press parking available.

Want to know about camping options contact Avisita.
Phone: +46 752 40 10 55


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