Your ”XC” abbreviation and race guide!

The event program will be stacked with really exiting races and battles! From the worlds best mountainbike riders going for the European gold medals as well as our own Challenge races. However its all about Cross-Country - in short XC. But what does it really mean; XCE, XCR and XCO? Here´s a short guide to the event and abbreviations to keep in mind.

Soon, when the National teams are announced, we will get back with more insights and what to look out for every event day, riders to keep an eye on (and our Swedish hopes) and more. But let´s get through the basics to start with. Looking into the Event program you see abbreviations such as XCR, XCE and XCO. What does this mean? (Här finns den på svenska!)

To start with the Championship is about Cross-Country (XC) mountainbiking. It´s the most common discipline within mountainbike (Olympic status since 1996) and the tracks used is a mix of rough forest paths and singletrack up and down the mountain. It includes both built or natural technical complex obstacles such as drops, jumps and rocketgardens. All of the above is true about the track at the Euromtb!

Also find some of the rider profiles to keep an eye out for. And the full entry list. Exact startlists to be given later. Also find Venue information and information on parking/logistics and food available on venue.

Further down we will go into detail about the cross country race-disciplines during Euromtb in Huskvarna! And if you are not i Sweden, bad luck but you could always join us in our broadcasting. 

XCE = Cross Country Eliminator (sometimes refered to as Sprint). It is defiantly the most intense discipline during the upcoming Championships. The XCE consists of individual time trials and on a track that is 500-1000 meters long with an ”audience friendly” build-up. Then the elimination starts, with four riders per heat where the top two move into the next stage. Read even more!   

On Friday 6th of May, second day of the Championship, we are set to go. Don´t miss this really exiting opportunity on head to head action! The race is in only in two classes; elite women and elite men.

XCO =  Cross Country Olympic, Consists of lap (for example 6-8 laps) racing around a track (4-6 km). It’s the only discipline which is in the Olympics, and high mountain bike skills are required, both uphill, downhill, technical skills as well as conditioning. The winning time is calculated to be between 90 and 105 minutes. All riders start at the same time and is lined up based on their ranking. 

On Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th of May, it comes down to the main races; XCO for Junior (men and women), U23 (men and women)and Elite (men and women).

XCR = Cross-country (Team) Relay. The same lap is used as during the XCO. Four riders from each country team up and do one lap each. The team need to include one junior, one under 23 and one Women Elite and maximum one Men Elite rider. So team could be build in several ways. 

On Thursday 5th of May, we are set to go to give out the first medals in this years Championships. Come and join us!

Our Open, Master and Youth Challenge races will be XCO-style. Open (for everybody – no licens needed) on Thursday 5th, Youth U15 and U17 with licens on Friday 6th and also Master (licens needed) on Saturday evening just before the large After Bike Party!!

PHOTO. Eskil Laago

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